Tholos Santorini

Red Bull Santorini Parkour 2013

Remember the Terminator? “I’ll be back”? – Well, Red Bull will be back!
This September we are going to have a brand new event on the island. For those who don’t know, Red Bull has been organising Free Running Parkour Events in Santorini for several years now. And each year the experience is spectacular. Imagine little white snowdrop houses with curved dome roofs cascading down the Caldera cliffs. And then imagine a bunch of people flying through the air, bouncing from rooftop to rooftop. And all this to the setting of the sun, the Aegean Sea and of course our very own Volcano.

The Best Free Running Athletes from Around The World converge on Santorini once a year. Each astounds the crowds that gather to applaud and marvel. By the time the competition is in full swing, not a single inch of Santorini’s beautiful architecture is visible – dangling legs, waving arms, smiling faces, old, young, islanders and visitors alike have literally “re-decorated” the scene, each vying for a front row perch.

Red Bull - Santorini Parkour

Red Bull Art of Motion – Santorini Parkour

Of course THIS year’s event hasn’t happened yet, that’s why we are posting images and videos from previous years just to wet your appetite! We will be writing another article after the event to tell you how it went. Hopefully we’ll have a great selection of photos. If you are staying at our hotel during the middle of September, just ask our reception staff how to get to the event, what time etc.

2011 The Athletes arrive in Santorini. They start getting used to the terrain and show us that Free Running is not without bumps and bruises. This is a wonderful film.

2012 Red Bull Art of Motion Santorini – Volcanic Action

For more details go to → Red Bull Art of Motion Santorini 2013

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